“I can think of no better return on investment than supporting a program that can change the lives of children.”

T. Denny Sanford
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Denny Sanford Foundation

Sanford Programs are made possible through generous funding from entrepreneur and philanthropist, T. Denny Sanford. Mr. Sanford is a devoted advocate for programs that enhance the well-being of children and knows, first hand, the powerful and lasting impact of inspirational teachers. Mr. Sanford's investment supports the creation of innovative resources that will lead to improved outcomes for children.

Denny Sanford

Sanford Programs

Sanford Programs, formally launched in September 2014, were established through a generous gift by renowned philanthropist and businessman Mr. Sanford to serve the global needs of the 21st century by providing innovative and inspirational education programs to teachers and to nonprofit and for-profit leaders through the Institute of Philanthropy.

Sanford Programs are designed with a commitment to making a difference in society. The Programs' mission is to create positive societal change through the development of nonprofit leaders and to create educators who teach inspirational programs serving worldwide needs.

Sanford Harmony

Build classroom relationships, integrated with your lesson plans

The Sanford Harmony program empowers Pre-K through 6th grade teachers to foster better relationships among their students by using pedagogical tools to integrate simple and fun exercises into their lesson plans. Learn more about: Sanford Harmony

harmony diagram

Sanford Inspire

Prepared for the classroom, revitalizing teaching practice

The Sanford Inspire program is designed to provide innovative learning experiences for teacher candidates and in-service teachers to develop the skills to be highly effective classroom leaders who inspire their students. Learn more about: Sanford Inspire

Teacher With Kids

Sanford Institute of Philanthropy

Preparing nonprofit leaders to innovate worldwide

People at the Institute

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy will engage current and emerging nonprofit leaders and private sector executives to improve their organizations while contributing to the overall public good. Learn more about: Sanford Institute of Philanthropy

The Sanford Education Collaborative

The Sanford Education Collaborative is a network of universities committed to expanding a nationwide movement to create a new paradigm for Pre-K-12 teaching excellence and student achievement.


The Collaborative is dedicated to the national advancement and ongoing research of the Sanford Education initiatives: Sanford Harmony, which strengthens positive peer relations among Pre-K-6 children, and Sanford Inspire, which empowers teachers to create inspiring Pre-K-12 classroom experiences. Developed at Arizona State University more than five years ago, these important initiatives are based on the vision and support of philanthropist and entrepreneur Mr. Sanford.

Today, National University is leading the national expansion of the initiatives through a $30 million grant administered by the Sanford Education Programs in conjunction with university partners that form the Sanford Education Collaborative. Years of experience as a leader in teacher education have positioned National University to take on this important role: The University confers the fourth largest number of master's degrees in education nationwide and recommends more teachers for credentials in the state of California than any other university.

The nine inaugural members of the Collaborative include public research universities and private nonprofit universities with a demonstrated track record of commitment to quality through their teacher education programs. They represent a diverse range of institutions and communities, and are all nonprofit universities united in their singular commitment to empowering teachers through quality programs supporting the success of future generations of students. The Collaborative does this through a coordinated effort with Pre-K-12 schools, districts and teachers that includes professional training and materials/curriculum support that are provided at no cost.


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